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Machinery Directive Consultancy


CE Marking of Machinery




How can ARC Management Systems help?

The CE Marking service we provide includes:

  • Identify and applying all the appropriate directive(s).
  • Identifying necessary standards to meet requirements.
  • Conducting full Risk Assessments.
  • Testing of product or characteristics.
  • Produce the Technical File.
  • Produce User & Service Manual specifically the product.
  • Produce Declaration of Conformity.

We will handle all aspects of the CE process and guide and advise on any changes which may be necessary to ensure your product is in conformance with all CE requirements.

For full details of the CE Marking services that we offer for for machinery for our Irish clients, please visit our CE Marking for Machinery website.

When does a Machine need to be CE Marked?
  • Where the manufacturer of relevant machinery himself puts that machinery into service or places it for sale within the EU.
  • Where having imported machinery from a country or territory outside the EU, puts that machinery into service.
  • If you are creating a complex assembly by interlinking a series of existing machines you are in effect creating something new.
  • If you are altering the function or performance of a machine or complex assembly, you are again creating something new and must ensure that the Directive is complied with.
What does the Manufacture, Importer or Distributor need to do?
  • Produce a complete technical file that meets the requirement of the Machinery Directive.
  • Issue a User & Service Manual than contains the required information as detailed in the Machinery Directive.
  • Issue a Declaration of Conformance
The process of the Machinery Directive:
(Under the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU)

This specifies the necessary health and safety requirements, enforced throughout the EU, that the product has to meet before one can affix the CE marking.