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LEAN Business Systems

How can ARC Management Systems help?

Our programs are heavily focused on practical implementation of the Lean Principles/Change Management methodologies commencing with an audit of current business and manufacturing practices and performance.  We will establish key performance indicators to achieve targeted business improvement measures based on a set of Lean/Change Management tools to suit the clients business.

The benefits of using ARC Management Systems include

  • Tailored Programs to suit your individual companies needs
  • Experienced practitioners to deliver these programs and work with your team
  • ARC Management Systems has a proven track-record of substantive results
  • A practical approach based on working with diverse industries

What is Lean Business?

Lean is a business model and collection of practical business methods that help eliminate non-value added activities and eliminate waste in your company and operations.

These Lean principles can be applied to all businesses, however we at ARC specialise in applying Lean principles to manufacturing and businesses who need to change their current work practises. We are well noted for ability to implement change in traditional companies and in particular in working with family owned businesses.

We are approved by Enterprise Ireland to deliver their Lean Programme to businesses including Lean Start, Lean Plus, Lean Transform and their Green Programs.


What is Change Management?

Change Management is a process whereby we transition your company’s teams and organisation to a pre-determined future state. In particular if your company needs to develop and implement real strategic change we can help you with this journey.

If your company is experiencing external pressures due to changing customer demands or evolving market demands we can work with you to adapt to these changes.